UDET Business Statement

In order to achieve the above purpose, UDET provides technical assistance, training and advisory services, to any Ugandan private or public groups or association/farmer cooperatives, and any other entities engaged in development activities for;

  • Strengthening of development institutions and the support of development efforts initiated by Ugandan communities to alleviate poverty and promote sustainable development within their communities;

  • Development of self-evaluation techniques by participants in all projects supported by UDET for the purpose of transferring experiences and knowledge gained in order to develop high-impact, participatory development models for replication by others and in so doing UDET multiplies the return on its investments and efforts many fold over;

  • Development of research undertaken by Ugandans to transfer the development of resources, expertise, and knowledge for the benefit of the poor in Uganda;

  • Procurement of technical assistance as is deemed appropriate by the recipients of such grants, loans, or loan guarantees, to carry out the objectives of UDET;

  • Formation of strategic alliances for community development.

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